15.01.2013   Museum AMoYA was closed down on January 15th, 2013

14.11.2012   AMoYA 4 AMoYA - preview

01.11.2012   AMoYA Art Prize for Schools – Panska High School of Communication Technology

24.10.2012   LIVING ROOM with Barbora Lípová and Tobiáš Jirous

17.10.2012   LIVING ROOM with oΞΣ o.e.m.arts [objects ' electronics ' music]

10.10.2012   LIVING ROOM with CreW Collective and guests

29.08.2012   LIVING ROOM with d.R.e.G.S Randon Access Mind

22.07.2012   LIVING ROOM with Martin Langer, Ivana Acher and Michala Böhm

13.06.2012   AMoYA Art Prize for Schools - Professor Jan Patočka High School

21.05.2012   AMoYA Residency - Jonathan Baldock

20.04.2012   AMoYA Art Prize for Schools - Prague British School

13.04.2012   SECOND SEASON Exhibition Opening

22.12.2011   Q&A with Slavomír Durkaj

15.12.2011   Q&Awith Natalie Chalcarzová

08.12.2011   Q&A with Štěpán Beránek

07.12.2011   Q&A with Ondřej Oliva

30.11.2011   Radek Wohlmuth about his concepts in AMoYA

24.11.2011   Q&A with Alena Adamíková

17.11.2011   Q&A with Jana Bubelinyová

10.11.2011   Q&A with Katarína Janečková

03.11.2011   Q&A with Denisa Hřičiščová

27.10.2011   Q&A with Vendula Chalánková

20.10.2011   Q&A with Ira Svobodová

13.10.2011   Q&A with Josef Mladějovský

06.10.2011   Q&A with Petr Dub

29.09.2011   Q&A with Jakub Hubálek

22.09.2011   Q&A with Aleš Brázdil

01.08.2011   ARTBANKA Exhibition at City Gallery Prague!

14.07.2011   The ERA Exhibition moved to Trutnov

01.07.2011   How to Open a Museum in Four Weeks?

15.06.2011   Artbanka on Facebook

07.06.2011   Artbanka Museum of Young Art

12.05.2011   Virtual exhibition

02.05.2011   Recent project - Era

26.04.2011   Following Artbanka presentation, Petr Dub opens his solo exhibition in City Gallery Prague on 27th April!

11.04.2011   Artbanka CZ O1 in App Store!

01.04.2011   Artbanka kick off

30.03.2011   Artbanka covered by late-night news “Události, komentáře”

21.02.2011   Works of young artists from Košice selected

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