Catalogue AMoYA Prague 2011 presents more than 300 pages of art works photos which were presented in the museum of young art - AMoYA.


In April 2011 these were still separate units – a dilapidated Baroque palace awaiting reconstruction and a group of people who launched a project for support of young art. The AMoYA existed in dreams and discussions only.
The discussions gave rise to collaboration with the City Gallery Prague, and the dreams led to concrete action. The City Gallery Prague which got the building to be reconstructed into its administration had neither the funds nor a capacity for its utilization at the time, and so it has provided the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace for presentation of contemporary art.
Thus an ideal solution for the palace has been found – it has been opened to the public, its premises host topical art and at the same time the regime in which the AMoYA operates makes it possible for the facility manager to continue the works leading to the future fundamental reconstruction of this building.
However, the beginnings were not easy, and if the putting into operation took a longer time, even more doubt would probably arise. The first careful examination of abandoned premises soon became an obsession and grew into a desire to open the museum as soon as possible. A realization team was put together. We did not look just for workers, but mainly for enthusiasts. Many people said at the beginning that it was impossible and that we were crazy. They were right in one respect. We did, however, prove that it was possible.
We alternately held discussions about the mission and focus of the museum and carried out prosaic activities – cleaning, demolishing, tidying up, painting, disinfecting, collecting, cleaning, washing, installing, installing, installing, both on the ground and in the air… and on 12 June 2011 we ceremoniously inaugurated a unique museum of young art.
We have made available the premises which prove that the art is able to bring to life not only architectural monuments…

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