Artbanka is a non-for-profit project that provides targeted and extensive support to young artists starting their career.

Every year many artists graduate from fine arts schools, but after a while most of them leave creative arts, as they cannot afford to continue. In general, the young Czech art receives only minimum support from the state and entrepreneurs alike. Artbanka wants to change this and plans to provide young artists with resources to give them an opportunity to show what they can do.

Artbanka buys works of art of young Czech and Slovak artists for a fair price, then the works are offered for rent to prestigious public and private institutions. This way artists are supported financially, and receive public attention, they would hardly be able to get as individuals. The entire rental income is used to purchase more works of art, and support young art.


Apart from exhibiting the purchased works in partnering institutions, Artbanka promotes the best young artists in the Czech Republic as well as at international trade exhibitions, for example. Artbanka gives young artists an unparalleled opportunity to unhide their works; the public, on the other hand, has a chance to get the best of the works produced by Czech and Slovak artists for a price they can afford.

Artbanka collection is composed of contemporary art only. Artbanka buys young artists artworks and supports their future art career. This collection can be seen in AMoYA, museum of young art, located in Collorado-Mansfeld Pallace, in the center of Prague near Charles Bridge. Visit us and see for yourself!

The project starts up with the kind support of the Prague City Hall.

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