How much is the rent?

The rent starts at CZK 4,000 per year. It is calculated as the proportionate part of an estimated market value of an art-work.

Can I see the works In the collection myself?

You can see the works from the Artbanka collection at regular exhibitions organized by Artbanka. If you would like to be informed about the exhibitions, subscribe to the Artbanka newsletter. Private presentation of the art-works is subject to individual arrangements, number and type of selected works.

From how many works can I choose?

Artbanka offers around 200 art-works to choose from at the moment, the works include paintings, photographs as well as installations. The collection is constantly growing as works of new artists are added.

Can I sell or donate an art-work to Artbanka?

Artbanka aims to provide direct support to artists, therefore, we do not purchase any works on the secondary market. If you would like to support Artbanka by donating an art-work, we will appreciate that, however, the donated works will be subject to the same selection procedure conducted by the curators’ board as other acquisitions in order to guarantee quality.

Can I borrow the works for my private use?

Yes, this is possible. Please, discuss specific conditions with our consultants. 


What to do, when I want to rent an art-work?

Follow the steps described in the section How to rent or contact us directly and talk to our consultant straight away.


The Rent Agreement is always entered into for one year, after one year the agreement may be extended, or works replaced.


The rental process is very simple, its duration depends in particular on how many art-works you are renting. After you specify the interiors where you want to present the works and the type of art-works you would like to have, the portfolio is approved and handover of the art-works is coordinated.


The primary objective of Artbanka is to rent the art-works. However, the mission of Artbanka is to provide direct support to young artists, therefore, we will be pleased to mediate a sale of other artist’s works.


Yes, the delivery service can be provided anywhere in the Czech Republic or abroad.

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